Faith is –



knowing what life is, what Nature is (we know massively more than ever before, yet we are concurrently dismembering it), making sense of life, or the any supposed meaning of life.


about beliefs. creeds, rituals, ideologies, philosophies, or religion.

These are opposites of faith.

Ideas are not faith.  Culture is not faith.  Custom is not faith.  Identity is not faith.

Nothing is faith except faith itself.



the absence of beliefs and dogma:

Dogma and beliefs are the absence of Faith.

Faith has no name.  Beliefs have names.

Faith accepts.  Belief rejects.

Faith is not about being right or wrong.  Belief is  about being right, by making other beliefs wrong.

Faith is about letting go and letting be.  Belief interferes.

Faith opens up.  Belief ties down.

Faith trusts.  Belief distrusts.

Faith allows.  Belief controls.

Faith embraces.  Beliefs conflict.

Faith accepts whatever the truth is to be whatever it is – it is the reality whether it is seen or not.

Belief is make-belief.

Belief presents own agendas as truth.



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