Left nor Right but both equality and freedom

I love people and see they are of equal value as people – but I don’t believe in Equality.
I see the free human spirit in people, even if ruined by struggle and fear, but I don’t see it in the free rein.
I love engagement and inventiveness, but not as an imposed necessity, requirement or expectation from ‘above’ – otherwise it represses love of life from which equality, freedom and engagement springs.

I do not see these qualities in the polarities of beliefs in today’s world of Left and Right in which the Left believe in Equality, the Right in Freedom.

I cannot therefore be a capitalist, nor a socialist. Because both of them decide what defines what equality or freedom is, they  then wish to impose it.
Imposed social equality then narrows people into strait jackets and represses.  And freedom by dictat becomes an excuse to exploit and repress.

Either way, the Left and Right spectrum is predicated on top down control.  And that is the problem, not any one part of it; it is that which is destructive to both equality and freedom.

I therefore do not believe in power politics, and the economics that go with it, because the freedom of the spirit, the inventiveness, the love, the equality and natural justice – equality and freedom – are aspects of being free from ‘top down’.



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